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Anita and Brink have jointly more than 50 years’ of business experience and working together as a team. As husband and wife they excelled in different industries and new start-up business ventures.

They have been in the property industry for five years by starting in 2018 with the marketing of various overseas properties to South African citizens, countrywide. Successful buyers obtained citizenship or residency of the specific country making it possible to immigrate.

Anita and Brink are practising under Jaco Truter Real Estate.

Our motto is – "Service – what a pleasure!" And strive to always give the best service to all clients.

Marketing plan

The following is a summary of the marketing and advertising:

  • Listing of property on advertising platforms, including Property 24, Facebook and Instagram;
  • Two show days are arranged stretching over two consecutive weekends immediately after the listing date;
  • Advice on show casing the property, if necessary, to make it attractive for buyers;
  • Pamphlets with show dates and times are distributed in the area;
  • Property receives a preferred listing on Property 24 as “On Show”;
  • Listing is send to buyers on our data base in the price range of the property;
  • For sale banners and boards can be erected at the property;
  • Arrange viewings at convenient times.

Understanding & choosing the right MANDATE:

Open mandate

  • All agents appointed by the owner can work on the property and list it on Property24. The owner must ensure that all agents list the property at the same price, write a proper description and add quality photos. The property should be promoted in the best possible way, the show casing has only one chance to maximise your asset value.
  • If agents advertise the property at different prices only one person will lose - the owner. Unauthorised price reductions will result in the owner getting less and less for the property.
  • Jaco Truter Real Estate’s commission is 6.5%.

Dual mandate

  • Two agencies are allowed to work on the property and each agent list the property on Property24. The agency selling the property earns the commission and work separately to achieve a successful sale. The agents need to advertise at the same price, do proper descriptions and take good photos.

MPL Group mandate

  • The MPL group consists of 8 agencies, Jaco Truter Real Estate is one of the agencies.
  • All the agencies work on a commission of 6.5%.
  • Brink and Anita Team will act as the point of reference. All communication between the different agencies will be coordinated by them.
    • The initial listing of the property on the advertising mediums.
    • Arranging an open hour day - usually on a Thursday morning - for all the agents to view the property and take photos
    • Feedback from agents and their buyers to the owner.
    • Feedback from property owner to agents regarding price, etc
    • Coordinating any possible offers to purchase from agents.
    • Showing the property.
  • Although the appointments to view the property will be arranged by Brink and Anita Team, each agent will bring their own buyers to view the property, unless the owner wants Brink and Anita Team to be at all times present with each viewing.The benefit to the owner with a MPL mandate:
    • All agents will advertise at the same price and will only change the price on the instruction of the owner via Brink and Anita Team.
    • The exposure is to 8 agencies, and more or less 20 agents active in the area with each having their own data base of buyers.
    • Reputable and trustworthy agencies and agents in the area.

Exclusive mandate

  • Brink and Anita Team and other Jaco Truter Real Estate agents will be the only agents to work on the property for 3-4 months.
  • Advice on how to show case the property.
  • The MPL agents can also be involved, but they will not be allowed to list the property on the formal portals.
    • Only pre-qualified buyers will be allowed to view the property.
    • A sole mandate board will be placed in front of the property.
  • “Just listed” advertising will be done in different ways, for example pamphlets, social media etc.
  • Drone footage of the property.
  • Premium listing position on Prop24 for two weeks.
  • “Feature” position on Prop24 every second week after first two weeks.
  • Show days in a professional old school way as “sit-in” showing.
  • The show day detail will be sent to at least 20 potential buyers as personal invitations.
  • The show days are advertised by distributing pamphlets and via social media and different data base groups.
  • Jaco Truter Real Estate’s commission is 6.5%.


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Show case your property for a quick sale

The home you live in and the home you are selling are two different things. The home you are selling is a "product" with competition around every corner. You need to make your home appealing to as many people as possible. Home buyers generally find clean, cosy and spacious homes inviting. People need to be able to imagine their own furniture and belongings in the house and visualise what this house would look like as their home.

Give your property the opportunity to materialise the value it can, it only has one chance and by putting a little effort into the show casing it will be awarding.

The key to getting your home ready to sell, is to optimize its appearance to attract the most buyers.

Create a welcoming atmosphere.

DO NOT hide any defects that can jeopardise the legality of the sale!

8 Tips to getting your property “sell-ready”

AND achieving the maximum from your biggest asset.

#1 - First impressions last

It’s best to start from the outside in, so have a look at the curb appeal of the property.

If the home looks untidy from the outside, a negative impression has already been set, and it only takes mowing the lawn or raking leaves, replacing or painting the old mail box, de-weeding the driveway, picking up dog poo and turning over soil beds to instantly make a better impression. Depending on the season, find some colourful seedlings to plant in pots or in flower beds to brighten up the garden.

Poor curb appeal can even cause a potential buyer to decide it’s not worth going inside.

#2 On entering

As a person enters the home, check whether the entrance hall has space to appreciate whether the home is welcoming or not. Many entrance halls are cluttered with coats, umbrellas, sports gear, key holders, dog-walking paraphernalia, etc., and these all need to be removed.

#3 Aromas

The smell as one enters a home is influential on the visitor, and if there are pets in the home, the odour might linger (owners will often be used to this smell and not notice it).  This might put off a potential buyer if not neutralised, so cleaning all the rugs and carpets in the home is important before putting it on the market.

#4 Tidiness

The house has to be clean and tidy, for example no clothes laying around, no dirty dishes or cutlery, beds must be made, towels in the bathroom must be hanged properly and toilet lids needed to be closed.

#5 Do a deep clean

Do a deep clean and do it regularly while the house is on the market.

#6 Airy

Try to maximise a light and airy feeling by opening one or two windows in the summer, opening all the curtains and/or switch on all the lights.

#7 Repairs and maintenance

If possible and affordable try to repair small defects like light bulbs, windows, cupboards, etc. No major repairs are suggested but small things a buyer might see easily can be addressed without incurring major expenses.

#8 Picture perfect

Good photographs of the property are vital to a marketing campaign as most buyers will begin their search online. When taking photos of a property, the home needs to be “staged” as it would on a show day: any signs of day-to-day living should be removed before taking the pictures.

If taking photos of the garden, ensure that the hose pipe has been wound up, that there is no laundry on the washing line or hanging in sight, or that all dog waste has been removed from the lawn.

Photographing the interior can be tricky, depending on the time of day the pictures are taken. Switch all the lights on in the home, and make sure clothing, shoes, bags, and any other personal items are stored before taking photos.

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