Greece, Virido


Greece’s Permanent Residency via Real Estate Investment Program:

1. According to the Greek law, the main applicant, their spouse, both of their parents and all children from both sides under 21 years old, will obtain Permanent Residency when buying any property from 250,000 Euro.

2. Receiving the Golden Visa in Greece permits you to travel freely to all 26 Schengen regions.

3. The Permanent Residency entitles the investor to register and operate his own business in any Schengen country.

4. Zero V.A.T. on real estate.

5. NO MINIMUM DAYS OF RESIDENCY - There is no requirement for minimum days of residency in Greece in order for the Permanent Residency to remain active. To sustain the Golden Visa, there is no requirement to reside in Greece, not even for 1 day per year.

6. No medical examination requirements.

7. No need for investors to submit an official non-criminal record.

8. No proof of origin of funds required, as long as the funds are paid from a financial institution. No proof needed that the investment amount has been taxed in the country of origin.

9. The property can be purchased in a trust or company name, as long as the main applicant can proof ownership of the entity.

10. The property can be rented out for passive income.

11. The permanent residency must be renewed every 5 years with the only condition that the real estate assets needs to be owned by the applicant.

12. No nationality restrictions for the applicants.

13. SAME DAY APPROVAL - Once the residency application is submitted a “Temporary Card” is issued and the Permanent Residency get approved once the buyer submits fingerprints in order to get his/her Permanent Residency Card.

14. Right to apply for Greek citizenship:

  • Children: requirement to stay and study in Greece consistently for 6 years before turning 18 years old. They can apply for citizenship.
  • Adults: requirement to live in Greece for 7 years in a row, 183 days each year. They can apply for citizenship by passing the official government’s Greek language examination.

15. The right to study in any of the Schengen countries.

16. Ability to live in any Schengen country 90 days, every 6 months.

17. Greece is the best place to live, says Condé Nast Traveller, the most prestigious and popular travel magazine on the planet, who voted Greece the Best Country in the World for 2016.

Various properties are available. 

Greece, Virido

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