Business Self-Assessment

  • Are you moving towards peak performance?
  • Does your company suffer from business as usual?
  • Does it need assistance?

Many companies and people suffer needlessly because of one or more areas causing problems.

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Score each point as follows:

 1 – Never; 2 – Seldom; 3 – Occasionally; 4 – Mostly; 5 – Always

  • Budget woes – There’s too much month at the end of your money
  • Clock lock – Time manages you and not the other way around
  • Peak frustration – Actions taken are not getting you the results you want
  • Non-fulfilment – Goals are set but not completed to satisfaction
  • Survival mode – “Breaking even” rather than “Making profit” is a goal
  • Growth stopped – Your business is in a rut and you can’t seem to get out of it
  • No solutions – Chronic problems are not resolved to satisfaction
  • Ownership – At times it’s hard to say who’s accountable for what
  • Maturity – Few people are improving; Discipline problems abound
  • Same old thing – “Groundhog Day” could be your training film

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