Business Life Coach

VIRIDO’s promise to clients

  • Professional and personalized program for success
  • Structure to keep client focused, on track, clear, accountable and successful
  • Confidential forums for discussion where challenges are shared, brainstorming occurs and problems are put to rest
  • Support to sharpen skills, clarity and awareness
  • Direction on material and technology to support top quality growth
  • Opportunity to hone critical thinking skills, analyse situations and co-create strategies to effectively deal with them

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Clarity – drawing clearer distinctions regarding present connections, situations and future directions
  • Direction – Seeing the possibilities and knowing which path is best
  • Focus – Concentrating on what’s important in business, in people and in life
  • Decisiveness – Quicker and better decisions = less delays and better quality of actions
  • Available Time – Less time sponges = more free time
  • Doing Successful Things – Concentrating on what’s going to have the desired impact
  • Doing Things Successfully – Concentrating on efficiency and delegation
  • Follow Through – Preparation and completion increases
  • Commitment – Full investment into process and goals
  • Income Streams – Creating and earning what you should be earning
  • Support From Others – Working with a dependable support network
  • Work and play Balance - % of Work versus Play ratio improves
  • Communication – Speaking and listening at a deeper level
  • Cooperation – Synergy becomes a way of doing business and life
  • Energy – Less stress. Energy sponges go away. Situations and people are dealt with more effectively
  • FUN! – Activities become more enjoyable for everyone involved

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship, by choice, with a highly skilled professional who works with you as a personal partner. As a result of this relationship you:

  • Exceed your previous limitations continuously
  • Be open to requests to do more than you would have done on your own
  • Set, and reach better, more worthwhile goals
  • Produce results more easily and quickly

Reinforce and sharpen desired skills so that you are the best you can be

How is Coaching different from other professions?

  • Consultants say: Here’s the solution
    Coaches ensure you follow through with each step
  • Motivators say: Here’s the carrot and whip
    Coaches ensure incentives change with you
  • Trainers say: Here’s how to do it
    Coaches ensure you master that knowledge
  • Therapists say: Here’s why you are doing it
    Coaches focus on what’s right about you
  • Mentors say: let me show you the ropes
    Coaches assist beyond corporate ladders
  • Sport coaches say: Here’s how to beat others
    Coaches ensure you’re in a win/win mode
Business Life Coach, Virido
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Those wanting more, wanting growth and wanting it easier. Coached clients get all three.

  • You take yourself more seriously and gain forward momentum in your activities
  • You take more effective and focused actions – immediately
  • You stop putting up with energy drains and get results with less effort
  • You set goals that are truly impacting on where you most want to grow

Coaches believe that personal and business matters definitely influence each other. Hence, Coaches are trained to work professionally with all client aspects.

Coaches focus on supporting the client in getting maximum effectiveness. Clients really enjoy and truly appreciate Coaches focusing in on what’s going to make them their most successful and fulfilled.

Overall effectiveness increases because the client is maximizing their feedback channels. They stay focused, stay in action and are held accountable.

Our approach or process taken during coaching:

  • We shall create a contract as to what coaching support you want during your coaching season
  • In return, Virido shall define the required support needed from you during the time
  • We shall meet regularly in “locker room” type discussions to brainstorm, strategize and evaluate results. Clarifying directions, responsibilities and challenges to be met along the way
  • You, your practices and your behaviour shall be evaluated during the first month or so for benchmarking purposes
  • We shall use that benchmark information as a stepping stone to determine:
    • Where you are now
    • What direction you want to go
    • What you want to accomplish
    • How motivated you are to bring about change
  • We shall ask the tough questions that are often not asked, for whatever reason
  • We shall work in partnership to focus in on the cause and effect of situations
  • We shall create a winning environment to maximize your coaching experience
  • We shall work team-wise to strengthen your foundations, eliminating any resource drainage so you shall have maximum impact for your efforts
  • We shall create customized strategies to attain your desired next level of success
  • You are expected to set goals that are principle-based, prioritizing your actions accordingly
  • We shall continuously create a winning structure that includes accountability systems to ensure feedback on your performance

As a result of Coaching you will build reserves of energy, time, money, space and people in your life you are meant to have.

Coaching Statistics

These statistics were determined by The International Personnel Management Association and the International Coaching Federation:

  • Training combined with Coaching improved productivity by 88%
  • 50% of clients experienced a more balanced life
  • 40% of clients required goal setting and financial planning
  • 50% of clients gained self confidence
  • 40% of clients experienced enhanced communication skills
  • 33% had more fun in life
  • 78% required motivation
  • 85% needed someone to listen
  • 25% claimed an increase in income
  • 98,5% of clients felt the investment was worth it


The Coaching Agreement will specify the pricing structure and time or sessions.

Two options are available:

  • The quoted cost per session is irrespective of the length of the session.
  • A monthly fee to assist at any time, as many times or sessions as needed, but limited to normal working hours and 7 sessions per month.

Payment to be received prior to the start of coaching session. 


The time of each session will be set at the beginning of the session to fit into dairies. The time and length of the sessions will be specified in the Coaching Agreement.

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