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4UKVisas is the trading name of Simply Visas (Pty) Ltd, with its main activities being the preparation of applications for various types of visas to visit, settle and work in the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries throughout the world.

Since 1994 a visa regime was introduced for all South Africans traveling to the United Kingdom, the intention is to curb the abuse and identify and prevent unwanted elements from entering the United Kingdom from South Africa. Visas are required to enter England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, as well as the Common Travel Area which comprises Southern Ireland and the Channel Islands. The visa regime requires that an applicant wishing to travel to the UK must personally submit an application to the Teleperformance Visa Application Centre (previously the Visa Facilitation Services or VFS Centre) where the individual is subjected to biometrics procedures. Fingerprints are taken, as well as photographs of the eyes. This makes it almost impossible to commit infringements.

It is unheard of for a country, in this case, the UK, to reverse a visa regime. The revenue earned alone is enough reason to not even consider such a step. The visa section of the British High Commission in Pretoria processes approximately 175,000 visas per annum at around R5,000 per application which translates to well in excess of half a billion Rand.
4UKvisas assists travelers with the application process to ensure that applications are completed for submission. 4UKvisas prevents the unfortunate event of applications being rejected because of
incompleteness. When an application is rejected, the application fees must be paid again and a new appointment must be made, this can lead to the inconvenience of missing scheduled flights. To prevent disappointment and unnecessary delays, 4UKvisas ensures that when applications are submitted approval is almost guaranteed.

4UKVisas, Virido

Franchise Summary:

  • Location: Port Elizabeth & Cape Town
  • Property Required:  Premises 4UKvisas franchised offices should preferably be located in close proximity to the Teleperformance Visa Application Centre and should be approximately 50m² in area.
  • Investment: The Port Elizabeth franchise is R 720 000 (excluding VAT), and the Cape Town franchise is R 1 070 000 (excluding VAT). Franchisees need at least 60% of this amount in unencumbered cash, the balance of which can be financed through a financial institution.
  • Franchise Fees:
    • The management service fee (royalty fee) of R 5 500pm.
    • Monthly marketing fee of R 2 850 pm.

Franchisees can expect to receive a return on their investment in around 24 months.

Franchises for Sale Enquiries:

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