Welcome to Virido

Virido is the latin word for “Go Green”, which resulted in the slogan “Greener Pastures”. The swallows symbolise the movement to greener pastures.

Virido offers various services:

  • Citizenship By Investment offers clients the opportunity to immigrate to another country or to have the freedom of movement across the world with a second passport;
  • Executive Life Coaching, Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) assist clients with their personal, business and professional life. Moving from a stuck state towards “greener pastures” with clarity of vision translated into reality and goals;
  • Recruitment is done on a contractual basis with companies looking for professional or specialised top employees. Virido helps people to move to “greener pastures” in their careers with new opportunities.

Citizenship and Residency

We offer assistance with Grenada citizenship & Greece residency


“I look forward to helping you become the best you in your career and personal life!"


Helping clients for over 30 years with a hassle-free and specialised recruitment service.

News Headlines

Suites available in main building

Suites available in main building

Over 500 Grenadian Citizenship approvals already issued to Kimpton Kawana Bay investors! 
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Kimpton Kawana Bay Update Feb 2021

Kimpton Kawana Bay Update Feb 2021

We are extremely pleased to report that progress of the Kimpton Kawana Bay project is on schedule below is a video taken on 17 Dec to show progress. 
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